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(Thursday, January 14 2010)

Last Friday Connor mastered riding his scooter! My big boy is figuring things out left and right! When we bought it for him for his birthday, he would just stand on it and wait for us to push him. ...more

(Wednesday, December 2 2009)

Can''t believe our baby boy is 4! FOUR! It has been a wonderful year for him. Ever since he started preschool he has done nothing but show such great progress. He is trying to imitate words, sounds, and gestures. ...more

(Friday, September 25 2009)

Gavin has been loving playing T-Ball. At our very first game he received the first game ball of the season. I was SO PROUD of him. Yesterday he played AMAZING. Every time he was up to bat he hit ...more

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Lori, Natalie and Alyssa (Wednesday, January 21 2009)

LOVE the hockey pics! We need a play date!

Aunt Jannie (Tuesday, August 19 2008)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I will see you on saturday with your birthday present!!

Lori, Natalie and Alyssa (Monday, August 18 2008)

I am so glad that he had a good b-day. Sorry we couldn''t make it. =( We didn''t end up getting home until 6:30! I can''t believe he is five already. Tell him that ...more

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